Michelle Elizabeth

"The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately."

Wait what????

“They won’t pay you what you’re worth, don’t do that.”

“Unless you did an amazing job, it won’t be sufficient enough.”

“You should have worked with my photographer.”

“Your dress should be more form fitting.”

“These photo’s look like mugshots, there is nothing in your eyes.”

“Going to LA will be a waste of time. You will be spinning your wheels.”

What do you do when you thought they were on your team… 

For the sake of privacy let’s say the individual that made the above statement’s name is Nola. Shock 😯 doesn’t even begin to describe my emotions as I sat there listening to Nola literally spit on everything I have done up until November 2017. Now, Nola is someone who has been “cheering” for me since the beginning when I had NOTHING on my resume. Currently, I’m selecting the projects I want to list on my resume but to Nola that’s not good enough! I know what you’re thinking…probably the same thing I thought, “What in Sam Hill have you done for me?”🚫 Oh okay!

I have never been good with snarky replies when someone catches me off guard so I probably just stared at Nola like a deer in headlights. After that encounter I went to my car and sat… and sat… and sat…thinking, “Maybe I should take those off my resume.” “I am wasting my time.” “Nola is right, those photos are ugly.” My thoughts just kept going on and on. This was my first time ever dealing with someone being negative and discouraging me. I knew Negative Nancy’s would be out there but that moment you come face to face with a situation you thought you prepared for is so different in real time.

Eventually, I talk it through with my dad and his fist comment was, “Okay, everything you’re doing is wrong. What plan of action did Nola give you 📝.” The answer to that intuitive question was… well I had no response. Nola gave me nothing. Everything I have done was questioned and criticized with no alternate way to do better. While our conversation consisted of much more, that my friends… was the most important part! Criticize me, tell me my path isn’t the right one but provide me with a plan to help me improve. If you can’t do that than your criticism becomes negativity and ain’t nobody got time for that 🤫.

After that reality check I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself. I may not be doing everything perfectly, if there is such a thing, but at least I am doing something. Most people have dreams and goals but they sit and wait for something to miraculously come to them. Well I know 100% I’m working hard for whatever God has planned for me and please believe He will make up for whatever I’m lacking because He’s just that great! And while I wish I could’ve had some words for Nola during that conversation, it’s best I didn’t. Nola will be proven foolish, along with any other naysayers, with the success and blessings that are coming my way.

Never forget, “The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.” Keep doing what you’re doing and let God handle the rest… THAT’S WHAT YOU DO!!!!!! ❤

Stepping out on Faith

My journey (falling in love with 🎬, saying ✌ to my full-time job/paycheck and selling my 🏡) has been an absolute magical experience and a true testament to what faith truly looks like. Now don't get me wrong, by NO means am I perfect but taking this leap of faith has definitely put me in a mindset where fear doesn't even have an opportunity to exist in my life. Stepping out on faith has put me in a position to where I know that as long as I am staying in line with God's will, He will not allow me to fail. 

Let’s ⏮… About two years ago I had no idea, zero, none, nada about what I was going to do with my life. I had been a teacher for four years and was absolutely positive that my season as a teacher had come and gone. When I began my career as a teacher I promised myself I would never be a teacher for the paycheck. Number one, people’s children are far too important for that, and number two, teachers don’t get paid enough to say “I’m just teaching for the 💰,” let’s be real!!

So, I had mentioned to the hubs in the past that teaching was not my end all be all and I did not see myself retiring from education. But, at this point it was different, we needed to have a conversation about what I was going to do next because I had reached my expiration. I had pushed through year after year, 🤨I know it wasn’t thaaaat long but you can only understand if you have been a teacher, and I knew we needed to make a plan. At this time (early in the school year) I had been taking acting classes for a year or so, I had already fallen in love with the craft and I had the thought of pursuing it full-time but hadn’t committed to the idea completely. Now, it’s mid-year and I’m telling my husband, “I CAN’T DO THIS ANY LONGER!” My true feelings and tears cannot possibly be conveyed in a blog but it was serious ya’ll. Thank God for hearing my cry. His response was, “Okay.” Simple as that no hesitation and no exclamation mark needed😍. I know… He’s literally the bomb!

In the mist of confirming I no longer wanted to be a teacher I’d also decided to follow my dreams and pursue acting as a career (we’ll discuss that in another post). Talk about taking a leap of faith, I’ve decided to leave my dependable job and begin one of the most unpredictable types of careers. Wow! Our next step was to come up with how we are going to make this transition work for us. This is where our prayers got very specific. We prayed and prayed and prayed for direction. The end of the year comes and I turn in my letter of resignation! Time to get it! I’m hustling… booking short films, plays and going on auditions #Godisshowingout and I’m here for it all. The summer of 2016 was phenomenal and I knew for a fact that I was doing what I had been called to do. September 2016 rolls around and all of a sudden, I am faced with the request to teach again. My principal at the same school I resigned from needed me. I was wanted in the same capacity at which I felt I could no longer handle. 🤔Okay God what are you doing? Side note: In case you do not know, I received my degree in Early Childhood Education. I have a skill set and love for children; hence the reason I could not continue teaching if I wasn’t giving 100%. Long story short, I was convinced to go back for one more year, the babies had no teacher, there had been subs in and out of the classroom and they needed me so I committed. I went back and make no mistake I gave my all because I saw very clearly that God had a different plan than I did.

⏭ It’s now the end of the school year and I resign again. One more year in the classroom prepared the mister and I to make my official career transition in a smart and prepared way. Oh, did you think I had given up or changed my mind… no ma’am, no sir! While I was teaching I still did my thing. I firmly believe God simply knew we needed more time to prepare for the change. Now it's summer ’17 and we’ve started the process of selling the house and downsizing so that we would not struggle financially - if God says the same. During this entire process we are solely relying on God and not ourselves. It’s now August and we are putting our house one the market. The prayer was to sell before September 17th (our next mortgage payment date). 💭Maybe it wasn’t that smart to wait that long but thank God for his mercy and ability to handle everything. We closed on September 14, 2017, and no one can tell me that wasn’t because of God. By the way, on the day of our closing we had no place to live. We had looked at some places but hadn’t found what we needed. Yes… we put the house up for sale and closed on the property with nothing to count on but Him. Now are you beginning to understand my level of faith. I may not have known what was going to happen or how it was all going to end but I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it was going to work out because I serve a good God.

Needless to say, we are now in our new place (not a day without a roof over our head) and I have been able to work harder than ever on my career with the flexibility of not having a 9 to 5. I’ve shared all of this to say faith is a beautiful thing. You cannot really understand God’s power until you give Him the opportunity to show you what He can in fact do. Test Him❤